Personal Injury and Civil Litigation are our sole focuses because “WHEN IT MATTERS MOST” a firm that does a little bit of everything just won’t do!

The Law Offices Of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC

Providing Legal Services Exclusively In The Areas Of Personal Injury And Civil Litigation

Services We Provide


The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC provides assistance to clients who have been negatively impacted in two exclusive practice areas. The first of the two being Personal Injury. After being injured in an auto accident himself in 2015, attorney Andrade is well aware of the extreme disruption of your daily lifestyle that comes with being hurt due to the negligence of another. When you are injured the last thing you should have to worry about is making sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of by an insurance company. Having an experienced legal team in your corner will ensure that your rights are being protected, your legal interests are being preserved and you are receiving competent and personalized legal representation to meet the needs of you and your unique set of circumstances.

The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC also represents clients who have suffered financial losses due to the intentional wrongful acts of another under our Civil Litigation wing. These causes of action include but are not limited to Breach of Contracts, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices and Defamation. Without the tool of civil litigation good people like you would be left with no viable means to be made whole when taken advantage of by business partners, service providers, corporate giants and disgruntled acquaintances. A civil litigation resolution can be pursued through an out of court settlement or via the filing of a lawsuit based upon the specific set of circumstances involved.

Why Hire Us


Many attorneys and law offices operate under the mistaken belief that they are called on to be the hero. At The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC we are well aware that the client is the center of the legal matter AT ALL TIMES and it is our responsibility to educate, advise, empower and assist you in taking back control of the situation that led you to our front door. With over a decade of litigation experience in multiple practice areas,  across multiple states (FL & NC) and in both State and Federal Courts , The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC is uniquely positioned to be the reliable and competent sidekick you need to triumph over the legal obstacles that stand before you.

The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade uses a client centric approach in their legal representation. Just as important as obtaining a positive outcome for our clients is the need for the client to feel empowered at the end of their legal matter. Our job is to educate the client and keep them informed and aware of what is happening at every stage of the process. The more that the client understands, the more we can work together as a team to combine their intricate knowledge of the details with our extensive legal experience and litigation skills. This collaborative approach has been proven to formulate the best pathway to reaching the client’s desired outcomes. When our client’s representation comes to a conclusion they don’t just leave with a check, they leave with a better understanding of their legal rights that will last a lifetime. 

Case Results

  • $90,000 – Awarded to Dog Bite Client. 
  • Policy Limits – Wrongful Death Accident. 
  • Policy Limits – Accident in which client was initially found liable and wrongfully charged with DWI.
  • Policy Limits – For the estate of a Wrongful Death victim who left behind a special needs minor.  
  • Civil Litigation – Full payoff of vehicle and consequential damages from dealership engaged in Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices. 

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