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The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC is your best option for representation due to our experience and exclusive focus on Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. “When It Matters Most” you cannot afford to place you and your family’s future on a firm that does “a little bit of everything”. We are intentional about being the best law firm in the areas of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation and this simply cannot be obtained with a generalized and overly broad practice offering.

At The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC we constantly attend continuing education conferences, consult with our brightest colleagues nationwide, attend leading lectures and stay abreast of the most recent laws and trends in the areas of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. Every small piece of new information we can learn and implement can prove to make a big difference for our clients.

Desmon L. Andrade, Esq.

About Desmon


Desmon received his J.D. from North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2009. Immediately thereafter Desmon ventured away from his native North Carolina to serve the people of Broward County, Florida as a prosecutor for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. Desmon served in this capacity for approximately two years in which time he tried Thirty-Six jury trials to a conclusion and gained invaluable experience on how to handle a case in the courtroom that set him apart very early in his legal career from a majority of his colleagues.

After leaving government work Desmon hit the ground running in his dream practice areas of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. Due to his tenure interning with his hero and civil litigation icon, Willie E. Gary, Esq., Desmon was well aware that the only true way to make sure a client’s rights would be fully protected is to know how to file a lawsuit and take a case all the way to a jury trial if the at fault party did not take full accountability for the harm they negligently or intentionally caused. In over a decade of practicing law Desmon has handled wrongful death, medical malpractice, auto accident, premises liability and catastrophic injury cases amongst others.

Desmon takes great pride in the knowledge and skills that he has acquired in what he affectionately calls “the best profession in the world”. He knows that with each competency he adds to his arsenal he obtains another tool to advocate for the best interest of each and every client that entrusts The Law Offices of Desmon L. Andrade, PLLC with their legal matter. With a strong faith in God, confidence in his abilities, and a deep love for using the law to positively impact his community, Desmon Andrade will without a doubt continue to empower and positively impact the lives of those left vulnerable due to the acts of another. 



You need an experienced, compassionate, and relentless law firm to represent you and fight for your interests.

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